• 18Jun
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    THANKS CLARISSA! (or should we say ‘caw-LISS-a’)

  • 07May
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    Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what happens when Amory is left alone to eat an entire bowl of strawberry yogurt with a single chopstick.

  • 16Apr
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  • 07Apr
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    Oops. Nearly a year has gone by and I haven’t posted, and I swore I would keep this blog up.
    Over the first non-posting months, I was planning a big catch up, but now that’s just not possible.
    I’m going to aim for a 2011 catch up though.
    So since May 2010, Amory has gone from 1 tooth to 9, from crawling to waddle-running, from eating only cereal and pureed fruits to eating just about anything and back to eating only cereal and pureed fruits.
    Here he is displaying his latest fetish. If you know me, you will know that at least he comes by it honestly.
    He also says Oops.
    “Oops! Got my shoes on the wrong feet!”

  • 07May
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    On the ferry from the North Island to the South Island:

    Around Nelson (left), and hiking in the coastal region of Abel Tasman National Park (right) and following:

    Ferns – New Zealand’s national plant – in Abel Tasman:

    Kiwifruit growing near Motueka:

    Pancake Rocks in Paparoa National Park:

    Franz Josef Glacier in the southern Alps:

  • 03May
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    Amory’th firtht tooth – popped out yethterday!

    Also, see photo-of-the-day today on my h2o blog – day 3 of my Photo-a-day for the month of May project! :O)

  • 02May
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    A firtht tooth hath popped out today! Bottom right. Now how am I thuppothed to get a photo of that? I love me a challenge!

  • 30Apr
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  • 28Apr
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    Wait Mummy! Not another picture until I have sock monkey!

    Okay – now.

    Well… maybe sock monkey isn’t that important after all….

  • 23Apr
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    especially when he can only crawl BACKWARDS!

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